Curriculum Vitae

Grete Lis Bibalo
Postboks 1245,
3254 Larvik

telefon 33126526
mobil 91396285

Org. nr: 991 161 368

2014 HAUGAR Vestfold Art Museum: "FROM HERE TO THERE"
2012 Galleri ASK, Åsgårdstrand
1999 Photo. VKS HAUGAR, Tønsberg, Norway
1998 Photo. Photography, Turku , Finland
1998 Water? in collaboration with Jannecke Lønne Christiansen , Moksa, Tretten, Øyer council, Norway
1994 "But sound of Water..." Sandefjord Art Association, Sandefjord, Norway
1995 "But sound of Water..." Tromsø Art Association, Tromsø, Norway
1991 "But sound of Water..." Drammen Art Association, Drammen, Norway
1990 "But sound of Water..."HUSETS Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark

- a photo-related prosject and exhibitions involving 4 artists; Jenny Alnæs, Grete Lis Bibalo og Jannecke Lønne Christiansen og Barbro Hernes.

2010 Vestfold Artsenter Tønsberg, Norway, sponsored by The Norwegian artcouncil
2009 Skien Kunstforening, Skien, Norway
2008 Haugesund Billedgalleri. Haugesund, Norway
2008 Christiansand Kunstforening. Kristiansand, Norway
2007 Nord-Trøndelag Fylkesgalleri Namsos, Norway
2006 Hå gamle prestegård, Nærbø, Norway
2004 Det Gule Galleri, Stavern, Norway

2011 ØKS 25 Jubileum Ehxibition - bring along a friend
2005 Trøndelagsutstillingen, Trondhjem, Norway
2003 Sculpture in Vestfold ,Haugar Vestfold Art Museum, Tønsberg, Norway
1999 "Fluctuations" NK`s county exhibition, Haugar Vestfold Art Museum, Tønsberg, Norway (in collaboration whit Barbro Hernes)
1996 Video/computerart , Heinie Onstad Art Center, Oslo, Norway
1995 Video, Frederikshavn Art Museum, Fredrikshavn, Denmark
1994 Video-festival, Heinie Onstad Artcenter, Oslo, Norway
1993 Norwegian experimental video, Berlin, Germany
1991 NORDIC VIDEO, Århus, Danmark

2003 "Light & reflections" Vear sport center, Stokke council, Norway
2001 "Objects in space" " Greveskogen VKS; Vestfold county, Norway
1999 Waterwork, Front, Larvik council, Norway
1998 Søre Ål primary childrens school, Lillehammer council, Norway
1995 Hogsnes primary scool, Tønsberg council, Norway
1985 Sandefjord byfogdkontor, Sandefjord council, Norway

2010 Åsårdstrand ,old age welfare services, Horten kommune 2005 Søbakken hospital, Larvik council, Norway
2005 Furuheim Community House for Demented, Larvik, Norway
2001 Solvang center, Tønsberg council, Norway
2000 Furubakken old age welfare services, Larvik council, Norway
2000 Presterød ungdomskole, Tønsberg council, Norway
1999 Larvik hospital, Vestfold county, Norway
1999 Jordet school, Larvik council, Norway
1999 Berg school, Helgeroa Larvik council, Norway
1994- 97 Secondary schools i Sandefjord, Vestfold county, Norway
1997 Stavern old age welfare services, Larvik council, Norway
1995 Library in Horten, Horten council, Norway
1987 Day-care centre in Tjølling, Tjølling council, Norway

2005 Member of jury  Trøndelagsutstillingen, Trondhjem, Norway
2002 - 03 Member of jury  Østlandsutstillingen, Vestfold, Østfold, Buskerud, Norway
1996 - 02 Board member, Representing the government, Teater Ibsen, Skien, Norway
1994 Member of state-scolarship committee, Oslo, Norway
1990 - 92 Chairman, Vestfold Regional Art Center
1992 - 95 Member of interim board, HAUGAR Artmuseum

2013  Participated  at  ART THEORY seminar at The Art Academy in Oslo, autumn 2012 and spring 2013. The lecturer was Åsmund Thorkildsen.
2010 MONTE CASSINO, Italy, filming and collecting data for a forthcoming video/shortfilmproject.
2001-2003 Member of editorial committee / Layout for Book project; Antonio Bibalo, Musica e Vita, Vita e Musica Copenhagen (2003) Edition Wilhelm Hansen AS,
2000 "Art Review II" (Ingvill Henmo) Oslo, Norway
1999 "Art Review I" (Ingvill Henmo) Oslo, Norway Academy of art, Oslo, Norway
1994 Photo course (artist post-qualifying education), Ringsaker, Norway
1991 Stone seminar Eide, Norway
1984 Video course, Haslev, Denmark
Copyright © 2009. Grete Lis Bibalo.