I remember the future with yellow castles
in the early morning light The bright days
of silvery
And soundless seas... where the worlds
stood still,
and where we waited forever
for the blue dusk
that never came



The poem above has been with me in my works for many years, as titles of exhibitions , instalations and single works.
The first time was in connection with the exibition that took place in copenhagen , in "Huset" in 1990. The videoinstalation had the title: " I remember the future.." The danish artcritic Karsten Weirup wrote about it as follows: "All these elements .... are melting together in a kind of instalation with three videomonitors,, where the films are reflected in a kind of box in a such a cunning way , that the pictures mixes together as well as they are being repeated at least three times. There is something almost silent ...and the sound of water beatufully reflects the title of the exibition, taken from the famous poem of T.S.Eliott, The waste land "But sound of water over the rock..."
Some of the pictures in the video are manipulated stills, a practice that I have continued to use also in the two videos shown in Høvikodden later. Apart from a groupexibition (skulptur) in Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum 2003 , the works with large computer manipulated stills, preferably in series, has been my main artistic pursuit lately. I am currently working on a project together with Jenny Alnæs, Barbro Hernes, Jannecke Lønne Christiansen and the arthistorian Janeke Utne Meyer. The project will consist of a serie of exibitions and a catalogue showing the development of the project as such, as well as the personel development of the 4-5 artist during the work.
PS. Song and music to the poem "I remember the future"... is prodused on CD: LOUIS GENTILE : THE CRYING CLOWN PRODUCTION (private edition)
Copyright © 2009. Grete Lis Bibalo.