Photo and video  
In the occasion of an invitation to make a show in copenhagen in the gallery HUSET, which in those days specialised in video I created an instalation with, videoinstallation and photo. During this prosess my interest in photograpy was sharpened. (Later also computermanipulated photo).
The exibition was later shown in Drammen kunstforening and the arthistorian Åsmund Thorkildsen wrote: a very large photo of the soft forms of snow is reflected in water by way of a mirror" Later photo has served me as a medium alone or in connection with other materials, stone,glass etc.The artcritic and artist Grethe Hald has decribed it as follows as an example: " When Grete Lis Bibalo gives us "WATER' it is in the combination between glass against stone.In this way she points to the origin of life, the unbom child in his floating element, the fossils... The four stone­ fragments are irregular pieces in the puzzle of life where our thoughts is one single piece."
In 1998 1 created a large photoinstalation for CENTER OF PHOTOGRAPHY in TURKU in Finland . This was later presented in vestfold kunstnersentrum , HAUGAR in Tønsberg. The photos are computermanipulated, large and con­sists mainly of masks which can have something threatening about them but perhaps also something static quiet in an uncanny way. In Finland I called the serie" spectators" They may appear different to different people and as an example of that I shall cite some words that a "spectator" wrote to me after the opening of the exibition:


I wonder
what a blind person
would see in these images, what remembrances
would surge around the edges of
his consiousness? What new insight would
the absence of sight bring? What music would
play in his head - would it be Gorga's song
"Raven in the Storm";or another? Would
the fingers of his mind focus on macro or micro?

Would it change if he were , as we say"blind
as a drunk"? Do we see any better with our eyes;
is our consiousness suitably desoriented
and disurbed? "Quistions, quistions, always
quistions and challence!

 Bryan Butterfield , 16.4.98, "PERI' Turku F.

Copyright © 2009. Grete Lis Bibalo.